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Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach gets emotional as son Andres sets off to Spain for college

Former beauty queen and actress Charlene Gonzalez-Muhlach with her son, Andres. (Instagram photo)

Former beauty queen Charlene Gonzalez, mother to twins Andres and Atasha, got sentimental as she penned a letter to her son who was bound for Spain.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Charlene shared a photo of her son Andres, 19, at the beach.

“The day has come were you are starting a new chapter in your life as you head out to college. As a mom, you imagine [and] know that someday, that day will come but you always think it’s too far away for it to be a reality,” she said. “As you leave for college today in Spain, know that we love you very much and we are super proud of you Andres.”

“We love you Andres [and] thank you for always being so kind [and] for continuously making us proud. Your dad, mama [and] sister love you so much. Have the best time of your life in Spain [and] continue to make lasting memories, that you will cherish forever,” she continued.

Atasha, on the other hand, according to Charlene will go to the United Kingdom next school year for college. But for now, she is taking her classes online due to the lockdown in the U.K.

“Ang hirap mag-let go (It is hard to let go) for any mom but going off to college will be a wonderful experience for all children,” she said.

“As parents, we provided them wings, but now it’s their turn to fly…,” she ended.

Last year, Aga and Charlene’s twins both graduated virtually from Brent International School Manila.

Gonzalez and Muhlach wed in 2001 and recently celebrated their 19th wedding anniversary.

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