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Celebrities enraged over claims of public service as publicity stunt

Celebrities’ public service or publicity stunt?

Some celebrities were totally infuriated by claims that their recent act of public service to victims of typhoon Maring was just for publicity.

Veteran comedienne Pokwang advised their critics that instead of judging them, they should also just extend a helping hand to the victims.

The Kapamilya actress added that their critics only do is talk, and yet they don’t do anything about the situation.

Meanwhile, in other news, former doctor turned entrepreneur Hayden Kho mentioned that he’s more focused now on his spiritual life rather than his love life.

After going through some pitfalls in his life, Kho decided to become a Christian.

According to Dr. Vicky Belo’s on and off boyfriend, he will make sure that he’ll be a better person and will keep his reputation clean.

He will not rush into finding a partner in life after totally calling it quits with Belo.

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