Cases to be filed vs cosmetic surgery doctors

Businesswoman and model Shiryl Saturnino (photo credit: Facebook)
Businesswoman and model Shiryl Saturnino (photo credit: Facebook)

The parents of entrepreneur, model Sheryl Saturnino plans to sue the two doctors who conducted the multiple-surgeries on their daughter.

Noli and Shirley Saturnino are convinced that there was neglect on the part of the two doctors of “The Icon Clinic” who facilitated the breast, liposuction and butt surgery on their 29-year old daughter.

Sheryl died after undergoing three procedures last Saturday in Mandaluyong City.

Dr. Jose Jovito Mendiola and Dr. Samuel Eric Yapjuangco from the said clinic, are looking into multiple charges from the family.

Meanwhile, the Eastern Police District said that it is currently doing its investigation on the real reason behind the death of Sheryl.

The family is still waiting for the result of the autopsy, and will use is as basis if the above mentioned doctors are liable on the death of Sheryl.

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