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Carandang to step down from post?

Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Secretary Ricky Carandang

Presidential Communications Development and Strategic Planning Office (PCDSPO) secretary Ricky Carandang is reported to step down from his post, according to a news report from the Manila Times.

A source said that Carandang will step down by the end of December and will be moving to the Manila Electric Company [Meralco], probably, as its spokesperson.”

“I think that everybody knows that he [Carandang] is leaving,” the source said.

Carandang is a former broadcast journalist before he was added to by President Aquino in his list of Cabinet secretaries.

Previous reports said that Carandang, since February, has been urged to resign from his post.

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  1. Gerald Abueva

    At the end of the day, there’s only so much Ricky Carandang can do. There’s only so much positive scripting and sugarcoating can do. Ricky has the unenviable job of defending an inept and incompetent president in the bar of public opinion. Defending Noynoy is simply defending the indefensible. It’s better for Ricky to return to the private sector instead of wasting the prime of his life and his professional career on a hopeless president. Cheers to Ricky for realizing soon enough that his devotion to Noynoy was an exercise in futility.

    (Anyway, DZMM’s Tonying Taberna did hint at a new incoming Meralco spokesperson when he interviewed Mr. Joe Zaldarriaga on the air on Dec. 03, 2013. The latter did confirm the matter obliquely).

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