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Bus operators complain Manila city resolution 48

Almost 900 provincial bus operators are complaining about the city resolution 48 law enforced by Manila City that prohibits provincial busses without terminals to cross Welcome Rotonda.

Likewise, passengers from different provinces decry the new law because they have to ride different modes of transportations just to get to their destination.

However, Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada was not to be tamed because he said that it’s the only way to lessen the heavy traffic that Manila is experiencing and that passengers and drivers should comply with the law.

In relation to this, Metro Manila Development Authority Francis Tolentino said that they were not informed by the City of Manila with the new law they are enforcing.

Still, Tolentino vowed to work with Estrada to talk about the solution to busses affected by the law.

But for now, Tolentino order Emerson Carlos, assistant general manager for operations of the MMDA, to respond to the complaints of bus drivers.


The flow of traffic went well in Manila as only few busses are to be seen in the major streets of the city.

The city government also ignored the reasons of bus drivers that they were not informed of the new law.

Vice Mayor Isko Moreno said that there’s a huge chance that colorum busses that are parking in illegal
terminals complain about the law.

Moreno said that companies without legitimate franchise will not be given notices. (Rommel Fuertes, Kisses Jabson)

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