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Blogger Mocha Uson to quit as MTRCB Board Member

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Famous blogger Mocha Uson is willing to resign from her post as a board member of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board.

According to the celebrity, she is dismayed by the corrupt system of the agency.

In her message posted last Friday at the “Mocha Uson Blog,” the singer-model professed that she will resign if she cannot convince the other members to prevent the showing of obscene scenes on television.

Uson plans to tell MTRCB Chairman Eugenio Villareal her intentions to resign tomorrow, February 20.

The blogger also said that, since the money of the agency came from the public, she cannot accept her pay as part of the MTRCB, if there will be no changes.

Uson insisted that she is not attached to the position, and she is willing to continue helping the Duterte Administration even without a government position.

The singer revealed that there are board members who don’t want change in the industry, making her useless.

The model said that she feels sad that the vulgarity in Television continues, for tv networks to make a profit.

She is also sorry that such scenes will be watched by children.


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