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BLACKPINK’s Lisa is now the Most Followed Kpop idol on Instagram

BLACPINK’S Lisa is now the Most Followed Kpop Idol on Instagram. (FILE PHOTO)

BLACKPINK’s Lisa just oust EXO’s Chanyeol from being the Most Followed Kpop Idol on Instagram!

Earlier this year, Lisa officially became the most-followed female celebrity in Korea on Instagram when she surpassed 13 million followers in less than seven months. And just three months later, she has overtaken EXO’s Chanyeol to become the K-pop idol with the highest number of followers on the social media platform.

On April 16, Lisa had over 17.5 million followers on Instagram while Chanyeol had over 17.4 million, placing him as the second highest number of followers.

Notably, Lisa opened her individual Instagram account in June 2018, meaning that it has taken her less than a year to achieve this impressive feat.




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