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Binay remains friends with PNOY

Vice President Jejomar Binay wants to  remain friends with the President despite of political conflict between  the administration. (screen grabbed from internet)

Vice President Jejomar Binay on Friday insisted that he is still friends with President Benigno Aquino III.

The vice president has been attacking the administration days after his resignation from the Aquino cabinet.

Binay criticized the current administration for providing selective justice among government officials involved in anomalies.

The vice president added that he did not receive anything from the Disbursement Acceleration Program and insisted that the funds went straight to the National Housing Authority, which is under the Office of the President.

Binay also said that in recent months, his fellow Cabinet members treated him like he was suffering from an infectious disease.

“Alam mo para kang may ketong doon sa Cabinet meeting.”

meanwhile, feeling irked of Binay’s recent attacks on the administration, President Benigno Aquino III said instead of being thankful, Binay opted to repay him with criticism and spite

Feeling offended by Binay’s statement after his resignation, Aquino respond at the former Cabinet member and accused him of repaying his fairness with inhumanity.

When media pressed the President regarding this matter, PNOY said though he has a lot of things to say to the Vice President, maybe he would write them all in a letter.

Malacanang said that it will not engage in a word war with Vice President Binay.  (with DZRH Rita Salonga)

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