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Big Bang member gets into a car accident; victim demands apology from Kim Hyun Joong

Big Bang’s Seungri

The Kpop industry has been plagued with controversies and fatal accidents in the past few weeks. The latest victim is Big Bang member Seungri.

On September 12, Seungri was driving his Porsche when he hit a Mercedes Benz before spiraling and ended up crashing at a guardrail before overturning.

The whole incident was caught on cam.  According to reports, Seungri didn’t suffer any injuries and voluntarily went to the hospital together with his manager for further check-up.  However, the passengers of the Mercedes Benz suffered minor injuries and are now recuperating in a hospital.

YG Entertainment, Seungri’s management released a statement regarding the incident.  They clarified that Seungri was not drunk driving.  He will be staying in the hospital for a week though as precautionary.

Police is still investigating on the cause of the accident and if Seungri was over speeding.  In relation to this, Seungri will not be able to join his group as they’re set to perform in Singapore this week.

In other news, the alleged victim of Kim Hyun Joong is asking an apology from the actor.  The law firm representing the victim, only known as girlfriend “A” said that their current position in the case is that they want Hun Joong to “self-reflect and apologize for the multiple times he physically assaulted her, and admit the assaults took place.”

They are also considering cross-examination.  They are just waiting for the actor to cooperate, but if not, then they will be force to submit additional evidence that will allegedly pin down the Boys Over Flowers’ star of the said crime.

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