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Biazon vows to work harder

After President Benigno Aquino III blasted several government agencies, including the Bureau of Customs, that are not threading his “tuwid na daan” and after momentarily resigning as Customs Commissioner, Ruffy Biazon vowed to work harder to enforce reforms.

According to Biazon, Malacañang and Department of Finance are finalizing the reforms to be made by the BoC.
He said that Aquino’s State of the Nation Address is a wakeup call for him and BoC employees.

The Customs commissioner also appealed to legislators to create a law against political backers.
Political backers, Biazon said, are what cause most BoC officials and employees to be foolish and thread another path.

Meanwhile, Gen. Danny Lim, BoC deputy commissioner believes that they did not lack in enforcing their responsibility within the agency.

In an interview with DZRH, Lim said that under their regime, they are proud to have made reforms, including consecutive arrests of smugglers.

Still, he said that it’s hard to control an agency where there are many other powerful forces are dipping their fingers in the agency.

Lim also confirmed that this is not the first time he asked the Palace to leave his post in the BoC. (Kisses Jabson, Malou R. Cabral)

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