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Biazon resigns as Customs Commissioner

Biazon quits as Customs Chief

Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon has just resigned from his post amid controversies regarding his alleged involvement in the Pork Barrel fund scam.

A few days ago, as the National Bureau of Investigation and Department of Justice submitted their second list of PDAF respondents, Biazon’s name was included in the list.  According to the said report, there’s evidence that Biazon, while still Congressman of Muntinlupa benefited from his Pork Barrel fund.

To refute such allegations, Biazon released a statement contradicting such accusations and said that all his PDAF went to benefit his constituents.

However, today, Biazon decided to resign from his post so not to interfere with the on-going investigation on his alleged involvement with the said case.

According to Biazon, he is resigning to prevent any exploitation regarding the controversy and to avoid his family from being dragged into this mess.

Biazon admitted that he’s also protecting the President, since he was an appointee by the President.   “Critics would have a field day taking potshots at the President if I stayed”.

Asked to make a comment on his involvement with the controversial Pork Barrel fund scam, Biazon said that he will answer everything in the proper venue.

Meanwhile, President Benigno Aquino III expressed his gratitude towards Biazon for his service at the Bureau of Customs.

PNOY said that Biazon thinks it’s best to face such allegations without compromising the current reforms being implemented at the BoC.

In the 2013 State of the Nation Address of the President, he already made a swipe at the officials of the Bureau of Customs.  Even then, Biazon had intentions of resigning but the President stopped him from doing so.


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