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Biazon insists constitution covers EDCA


House Defense Committee Chairman Rodolfo Biazon insisted that the Senate need not ratify the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement as it holds basis in the records of the Constitutional Commission on 1986-1987.

The lawmaker was referring to the features of the International Agreement which needs to be ratified by the Senate which includes, if the agreement is “permanent”, “political in nature” and “changes in the existing policies of the government.”

Biazon asserted that the three do not cover EDCA because its implementation will only last up to 10 years.

EDCA isn’t also a political issue as it is a defense and security in nature and it only strengthens the previous agreement between the Philippines and the United States, which is the Mutual Defense Treaty and Visiting Forces Agreement.   (with DZRH Leth Narciso-Abinales)

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