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Biazon: Customs corruption has become a ‘culture’

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Muntinlupa Congressman and former Customs Commissioner Ruffy Biazon, has expressed his concern that despite constant government efforts eliminating corruption within the Bureau of Customs (BoC),  it remains to be a ‘suntok sa buwan.”

According to the Congressman, this cannot be achieve until the current system of the bureau is changed entirely.

The former Commissioner admitted that corruption within the bureau has become a sort of a ‘culture’; the deep seeded issue will be hard to abolish says Biazon.

The ongoing system of the BoC gives a window of opportunity for several officials to misuse their power. A simple reshuffling of people is not the answer, the need to demolish and reconstruct the current system must be done to exterminate all forms of corruption, Biazon declares.


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