Bemedalled army officer found guilty

A bemedalled army officer was found guilty by the General Court Martial because of a failed operation against the Moro Islamic Liberation Front in Al-barka, Basilan that led to the death of 19 soldiers in 2011.

Lt. Col. Leonardo Pena, former Commander of the 4th Special Forces Battalion and product of PMA class 1991 was demoted of his position.

Aside from the punishment, Pena is also prevented from holding command or sensitive operations in two years.

Pena is considered a top-tier soldier in his class and the next Commanding General of the Army.

Pena, a graduate of the US Special Forces School in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, was found out to have violated Article of War 97 or Disorders and Neglects to the Prejudice of Good Order and Military Discipline. (Rommel Fuertes)

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