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Bella Padilla to body shamers: ‘Yes. I have a belly’

Photo from Bella Padilla Instagram

Actress Bella Padilla on Tuesday was nowhere near shy as she defended herself from bashers after she received backlash over her beach photo.

The “Meet Me in St. Gallen” actress, however, was not short for words as she went on to Twitter to defend herself after some netizens shamed her for having a little flab in her stomach.

“Shocked by the number of comments on my IG post, pointing out that I have a belly. Yes I do. It holds in my organs that I need to live. It has a layer of muscles that I worked hard for in the gym and a layer of fat from the food I enjoy to eat. Deal with it. PLUS I’m seated,” Bella wrote.

Speaking publicly against her bashers, Bella further noted that she would rather show her real physique rather than edit her photos to “perfection”.

“Would it have made you more comfortable if I edited my photo to perfection? Because I could have easily done that. But what message does it send to the younger ones? That our photos are only likeable when we’re perfect in photos? Not from me. NEVER,” she added.

Just last month, Bella was also under fire after several netizens questioned if she is truly related to her second cousin Daniel Padilla.

Bella’s current movie with actor Carlo Aquino, “Meet Me in St. Gallen” has now accumulated about Php 50 million in the local box office following its opening day during the Valentine weekend.

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