BAYAN condemns series of killings vs illegal drugs suspects

(photo by DZRH Noche Cacas)
(photo by DZRH Noche Cacas)

A leftist group expressed its disapproval on the increase in number of illegal drugs-related killing incidents under the Duterte administration.

BAYAN Sec. General Renato Reyes insisted that you need to consider these individuals’ human rights and there is due process in punishing those who violated the law.

The said statement came amid the recent killing of Macario Ignacio last July 6 in Cabanatuan, Nueva Ecija.  Ignacio was allegedly involved in the series of carnapping incidents and a known drug pusher in their area.

In line with this, Reyes is calling on the police and authorities that instead of running after small time drug users and pushers, it would be better to focused in hunting down bigtime drug syndicates and high-rank officials who serve as their protectors.

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