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Baron in viral video anew


Actor Baron Geisler finds himself going viral again after a video of him, appearing to be intoxicated and spewing curse words, was uploaded in social media a few days ago.

Based on the said video, Baron was seen, being escorted by a bouncer while he was shouting “bakla ka”, and some curse words.

The video uploader, Wilbert Brandon Travis said that the video was taken outside the Guilly’s Bar in Tomas Morato, Quezon City.

However, Travis clarified that Baron’s outburst was not entirely his fault.  Though the witness claimed that he did not know the whole story behind Baron’s fit, he defended the actor saying that someone hit the actor for no apparent reason.

When Travis asked the said person why he did that to Baron, the person said that Baron was creating trouble inside the bar.

This is not the first time that Baron was involved in a brawl.  Last month, he was also the subject of a video that gone viral after he was attacked by independent film director Kiko Matos in a bar.  The two settled that they will meet in a match, and that the Universal Reality Combat Championship has agreed to organize the said match.

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