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Baron Geisler engages in bar brawl anew


Actor Baron Geisler is once again involved in a bar brawl over the weekend.

Based on the accounts of some eye witnesses, Baron together with a girl companion attended the benefit concert for a certain Maricon Muntajes, an alleged political prisoner.

According to the eye witness’ account, he looked drunk but he was mellow.  However, the other guy from the said brawl, Kiko Matos, together with two other male companions was already heckling the actor.

It seemed that he was pissed off at Baron as the actor took the mic and started to sing.  It was then when Baron got fed up and confronted Kiko.

Based from the video that is circulating now in social media, the two were supposed to shake hands and forget the exchange of words when Kiko started attacking Baron.  The actor was not able to retaliate as he was held back by the other guys who were present during the said incident.

Kiko was then seen being escorted out of the venue while Baron was seen explaining himself to the patrons.

This is not the first time that Baron has been involved in brawls.  Only a few weeks ago, a video of him “attacking” a student filmmaker went viral in social media. The said reason for the scuffle was that the student filmmakers were late in providing Baron his script.

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