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Baron cries foul over viral video


Actor Baron Geisler admits that he was surprised when he found out that a certain Khalil Versoza posted the video wherein the actor was engaged in a brawl against a college student inside the University of the Philippines campus.

According to Baron, after the said incident, wherein he was seen head-locking the Visual Communication student, the two had a talk and settled the said issue.

Baron clarified that the said matter was not a social experiment because it did happen inside the campus.

However, Baron said that he was not drunk when the incident happened, which was around 8am-9am, Sunday.

The young actor then narrated that the whole commotion stemmed from the students failing to provide the actor his script on time, even though they previously apologized because they were running out of time.

Baron said that he is now consulting with his lawyer regarding any action they can do with the uploading of the said video.

This is not the first time that Baron was involved in a brawl or controversy.  A few months back, a video of him being booted out of a club went viral in social media.

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