Banking at technology employees, posibleng taasan an sweldo

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  1. Dapat lang taasan abg mga sweldo ng mga empleyado na pinaka-prime movers ng ating bansa hindi lng bankers at technology employees kundi pati na rin mga Engineers (75T-250T/mo), Doctors(75-250T/mo+10% hazard pay on toxic ward assignment) , Teachers(50-150T/mo), Nurses(50-150T/mo+10% Hazard pay for those assigned on toxic ward), Pilots(100T-250T/mo plus 10%hazard pay), Agriculturist(50-150T/mo), Fisheries Specialist (50-150T/mo), Soldiers (50-150T/mo+5%hazard pay), Police (50-100T/mo+5% hazard pay), Public Transport Drivers (25T-35T/mo+5%hazard pay), Manufacturing Employees (25-35T/month+10%hazard pay for those assigned on high risk environment such as smelting furnaces, chemical plant, etc). In this way, high purchasing power will prime up our economy to encourage internal spending on consumption, encourage manufacturing our own products minimizing importation, encourage self sufficiency in food & medicine production, and modifying tax levies by imposing certain percentage (could be like 10%-20% on the 50% of gross salary only), 5-10% of 50% if Gross Income for Utilities, 25% of 50%Gross Inc for Food), 10-15%% of 50%xGI for Transport, while the 10% of 50%xGI for Leisure Entertainment, 20% of 50%xGI for medicine while the 50% og gross income is set aside for (25% retirement savings, 10% comprehensive Medical & Life Insurance coverage with caregiving benefits at Bahay Kalinga Centers, 15% for Holiday Trips with Accident Insurance coverage) so life can be live with convenience and enjoyment. And to achieve this, choose the right leaders with kind heart, honest and visionaries at sana mamatay ng maaga ang mga corrupt na mga legislators upang mabawasan mga impakto nagpapahirap sa buhay ng mga tao.

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