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Bangladesh ambassador irked over latest development on multi-million dollar money heist

Screen grabbed from interent
Screen grabbed from internet

The Bangladesh ambassador to the Philippines failed to reclaim some parts of the $81 million laundered money from their Central Bank.

In the latest development regarding the probe on the said money heist,  Ambassador John Gomes expressed his disappointment over the failed attempt to reclaim the said amount.

The official made the statement after Chinese casino junket operator Kim Wong returned to the government $4.63 million and PhP38.2 million.  Wong was allegedly one of the recepients of the said laundered money, which where distributed from different Philippine banks and casinos.

According to Executive Director Julia Bacay-Abad, the returned amount is already in the custody of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for ‘safekeeping.’

Abad added that they have yet to turn over the said amount to the Bangladesh government because they are still awaiting Wong’s consent.



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