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Authorities probe KARA member Goo Hara for allegedly assaulting boyfriend

KARA member Goo Hara (photo credit: @koohara__)

South Korean singer Goo Hara is being investigated for allegedly assaulting her boyfriend.

Based on reports from South Korean news source, the police received reports that Hara allegedly assaulted her boyfriend, early Thursday morning.  According to the statement, Hara’s boyfriend broke up with her, and the member of girl group KARA turned violent.

However, the singer is claiming that they both turned physical during the said encounter.

Hara’s agency already issued a statement, saying that since the petite singer hasn’t been active in recent months, they have yet to communicate with her regarding the said matter.

Hara was also in the news a few days ago after it was confirmed that she was hospitalized.  Content.Y, Hara’s agency confirmed that she is taking medicines for her sleeping disorder and she was suffering from indigestion when she was brought to the hospital.

Meanwhile, after releasing a statement that both Hyuna and E’Dawn are no longer part of their company, Cube Entertainment once again issued a statement, this time stating that their decision to oust Hyuna and E’Dawn is not yet final and that they will confer first with both artists, and the board before making it final.

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A month ago, the two artists admitted to be in a two-year relationship, amid Cube denying such rumors beforehand.  Hyuna and E’Dawn belong to Cube’s sub unit Triple H.


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