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ASF-affected hog raisers to receive increased financial aid

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Hog raisers hit by the African Swine Flu (ASF) will receive additional financial assistance from the Department of Agriculture (DA).

President Rodrigo Duterte approved increasing the financial aid from the previous Php 3,000 to Php 5,000 given to backyard raisers for every hog culled because of ASF.

DA Sec. William Dar said that President Duterte and the his Cabinet also approved other measures to contain and prevent the spread of ASF to other areas in Luzon.

These measures include the imposition of ‘lock down’ procedures in the provinces of Bulacan and Pampanga, and cordoning validated areas as ‘ASF-infected zones’ for easier movement control of pigs and pork products.

The Cabinet also authorized the apprehension and filing of cases against hog raisers and traders caught selling or buying and transporting live hogs, slaughtering ASF-infected pigs, and selling ASF-tainted pork products.

Dar previously appealed for traders not to buy ASF infected hogs and for backyard raisers not sell sick pigs. He warned that they can be punished by the law for commiting such malpractices.

We must step up our surveillance and monitoring of transport of live pigs as well as pork products,” Dar said in a statement.

The Agriculture Department has also advised government offices to implement strict biosecurity measures and the 1-7-10 protocol in ASF-affected areas in order to to effectively manage, control and contain the disease.

Under the 1-7-10 protocol, authorities must cull all hogs within the one-kilometer radius of an affected farm, limit the movement of pork products within the seven-kilometer radius, and conduct surveillance and monitoring within the 10-kilometer radius.

While ASF has no known ill effects to the human body, the government has advised consumers to only buy pork products with the seal of the DA-National Meat Inspection Service and from reputable meat shops.


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