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Anne gets drunk; slaps fellow celebs


A week has passed and news about Anne Curtis-Smith’s drunkenness behavior is only been cropping up now.

According to reports, on the wee hours of November 30, in a posh club at the Fort, the Kapamilya actress was hosting a party for one of her friends.  They were in a cordoned area, but it was strategically located between the bar and the restrooms.

Another group of celebrities, which included John Lloyd Cruz, Phoemela Beranda, Jake Cuenca, and their other friends were also on the same floor as the group of Anne was.

Based on accounts of some witnesses, Anne came out of the restroom on the defensive-mode as she thought that someone was banging her door.  Meanwhile, John Lloyd and two of his friends were at the bar and were unfortunately ended up on the receiving end of Anne’s outburst.

Anne apparently slapped JR Isaac, editor of a magazine, their lady friend and John Lloyd.  Anne was even heard calling her fellow Kapamilya star as “Addict”.  John Lloyd remained quiet, even after being slapped.

However, that same day too, Anne sent out a text message to JR apologizing for the stunt she pulled at the bar.  All’s well, as JR forgave her that moment too.  Isaac in a candid interview said that he doesn’t harbor ill-feelings because it’s not good for the skin.

Meanwhile, Anne, through her Twitter account explained and asked for understanding as she had few too many drinks that she could handle that night.  She expressed that now she’s learned her lesson to drink in moderation.



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