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“Ang Prinsipito” Brings The Little Prince To Life


A beloved French classic close to children – and children at hearts – comes to life, here in the Philippines.

The Little Prince, or “Le Petit Prince” in French, is one of my all-time favorite books. Written by French pilot, writer, and aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince is a poetic tale inspired by the author’s own experiences which tells the moving story of a pilot whose plane crashed in an African desert, and met an eccentric little boy who taught him the essence of being a child. I was alive with excitement just as I knew that there would be a stage adaptation of this enchanting ‘novella’.

“Ang Prinsipito: Isang Yugyugan at Kantahan sa Saliw ng Kalawakan” is a Filipino stage adaptation of The Little Prince, written by Joaquin Cerdas and directed by Jay Crisostomo IV. It is produced by Ikarus and DITO: Bahay ng Sining. Musical scoring was done by JP del Mundo of the OPM band “Never the Strangers”.

Ang Prinsipito is a rare and priceless work of art. I have always thought that it would be impossible for any adaptation to captivate me the same way the book did. But it did so, and not only me but the rows of spectators before the stage.


Ang Prinsipito is entertaining in all aspects. The actors are full of vigor and charm and every line they utter pierces through the heart of the audience. Their performances are very natural and effortless because they are undeniably one with their characters.  Even the pilot, who is portrayed by Rolando Inoncencio, exudes freshness and energy despite his cynical thoughts and beliefs.  Maureen Guese, although a girl, is perfect as the innocent and extraordinary ‘Prinsipito’. Her smile is as mesmerizing and eternal as how I have imagined it with the little prince.  Meyanne Plamenio is as spellbinding and beautiful as the rose she portrays. But among all the actors, it is Duane Ligot who owns the spotlight as he effectively and hilariously depicts various characters such as the king, the conceited man, the tippler, the businessman, the lamplighter, the geographer, and the fox.

Forget about the excellent acting – when the actors burst into songs, the experience could never be more delightful and unforgettable. The songs, all written in Filipino, are flawlessly incorporated in the story and fascinate the audience – be it adults or children.  Even after the show, the songs still linger in my mind because they are easy and fun to remember.

With quick-witted actors, and vividly written script and songs, Ang Prinsipito is definitely a unique form of entertainment.



The Little Prince, while being categorized as children’s literature, has always been an ‘enigma’ that perplexes its readers, especially adults. It is because the story has always been entirely some sort of a metaphor that could mean more than what it seems to tell. Ang Prinsipito, while exhibiting what looks like a children’s fable that could be amusing and enjoyable for the young audience, does not lose the enigmatic feel of the book at the same time.

This is what I like most about Ang Prinsipito. It stays true to “Le Petit Prince”. It tickles the kids with its comical lines and songs, while it mystifies the audience with its depth and gravity.  And while it reminds us that what is important is invisible to the eye, it visibly brings The Little Prince back to life.

“Ang Prinsipito: Isang Yugyugan at Kantahan sa Saliw ng Kalawakan” has remaining shows on August 22-24, and 29-31.For pre-buying tickets and further information please contact Meyanne Plamenio at 09053350514, and via their facebook page DITO: Bahay ng Sining.






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