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Ang accuses Balutan of protecting illegal gambling operators

PCSO General Manager Alexander Balutan (FILE PHOTO)

Gambling lord Atong Ang is accusing Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office General Manager Alexander Balutan of being a protector of Jueteng operators, who are using small town lottery as a cover for their other illegal gambling operations.

Ang made this revelation during the hearing of the Senate regarding the extravagant Christmas Party of the PCSO officials and personnel last December 2017.

Ang said that Balutan made numerous accusations against the gambling lord, but it is the PCSO official who is abusing the authority given to him by the President.

The gambling lord insisted that he is previously in friendly terms with the PCSO official, but they got into a feud due to issues regarding the operations of small time lotteries in the Philippines.

Ang further added that Balutan is currently receiving money from other gambling lords, since PCSO Chairman Jorge Corpuz fell sick and resigned from his post.

“Magkakampi kami nung una. Galit siya sa STL. Kinamayan niya ako.” Ang said during the hearing. “Nung magkasakit si Corpuz bigla siya ngayon yung taga-pagtanggol kasi siya na ang kumukuha ng pera.”

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