Aly Narvaez



They say he who chases two rabbits will catch none. But when she joined DZRH, Aly Narvaez, one of the youngest members in the organization, has proven that she can get it all done without compromising the quality of her work. Her colleagues would always wonder how she manages to squeeze piles of work in a time so limited, but she would just flash them a sweet smile. The secret is she takes every task with ‘gusto’, seeing it as an opportunity to learn and showcase her abilities. She has an unappeasable appetite for knowledge and experience. Her mark – the girl who can and will always deliver, no matter how impossible it seems to accomplish the job.

She was only in grade school when she discovered her passion for writing. She was in high school when she realized she wanted to express herself more than with just a pen and paper; she also wanted to be heard. So she took up Bachelor of Arts in Broadcast Communication, major in Broadcast Journalism, in the country’s premier university – University of the Philippines, in Diliman, Quezon City. With hard work, she graduated cum laude. Soon after graduating, she had a short stint as a travel producer and writer in a start-up travel magazine. But she knew she couldn’t give up her long-time dream of being a reporter for an established broadcast network, so she tried her luck in the number one radio station nationwide, DZRH. And she was immediately hired as a writer-reporter.

Aly is now the Executive Producer of programs Isyu and Breaktime, both airing on weekdays. She also produces and broadcasts segment reports such as Your Business Is Our Business for Isyu, and Balita MulaSa Social Media in Breaktime. Her expertise also includes producing special reports and documentaries for broadcast. Aly is also active in the station’s special projects, events and promotions.


  1. I admire her simplicity, smart look and beauty.

  2. Suwerte ng magiging asawa ni Aly.

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