ALU-TUCP, Sen. Villanueva defend proposed 4-day work week

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The Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP) along with Senator Joel Villanueva emphasized their support for House Bill 6152 which proposes to shorten the number of working days a week by four days.

Congress last week approved on its third and final reading, House Bill 6152, giving companies the flexibility of their employees’ schedule. The bill proposes to compress the work week into four or five days instead of the standard five to six days by having employees work beyond the usual eight hours a day.

According to Sen. Villanueva the number of hours that an employee renders will remain the same, only the number of days will be adjusted.

Alan Tanjusay, Spokesperson of the ALU-TUCP added that the new bill will allow workers to have a longer weekend thus having the chance to spend more time with their families.

Senator Joel Villanueva, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Labor, also defended House Bill 6152 stating that it would help ease traffic congestion since the number of working days will be lessened. The Senator did clarify that the new bill is not a single solution to the country’s traffic problem.

Sen. Villanueva added that the Senate bill would not make the proposed new working schedule mandatory only an alternative for employers and employees alike.

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