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Alcala denies involvement in pork scam

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alacala

Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alacala denied his involvement in the pork barrel scam, saying he was aghast to find out that he was included in the list being tagged along with 11 other Cabinet secretaries and senators who benefitted from the pork barrel.

He said all the allegations are “baseless.”

The Cabinet Secretary also denied having known Napoles personally, adding that he hopes that this clarification would put an end to the allegations.

“It’s awful to be accused [of wrongdoing] when you’re innocent, more so when you’re not given a chance to explain,” Alcala said in Filipino.

“The President and I did not talk about the Napoles testimony. I discussed with him the Department of Agriculture’s own preparations in terms of agenda topics for the upcoming visit of US President Barack Obama,” Alcala said.

He added that he did not believe that Malacañang was attempting to sanitize or manipulate the contents of Napoles’ list, contrary to claims that the Palace was engaged in protecting the President’s allies.

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