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Actress Aiko Melendez disappointed at director for ‘butchered’ scenes

Actress Aiko Melendez (Photo Credits:
Actress Aiko Melendez (Photo Credits:

Veteran actress Aiko Melendez is upset at Anthony Hernandez, the director of her recent movie ‘The New Generation Heroes’, due to her scenes in the film allegedly being ‘butchered’.

Based on her Facebook post last October 1, Melendez was disappointed when she watched the premiere of ‘The New Generation Heroes’ last Sepetember 29 since most of her scenes in the film were shorterned or reduced.

The actress further explained that she felt deceived since she was allegedly promised a lead role in the film but was instead dropped to supporting role.

Melendez insisted that she didn’t mind being offered a supporting role but hoped that it was clarified to her that the film will revolve around the character of Joyce Penas, her co-actress and the film’s producer.

Melendez further added that ‘word of honor’ is important to her since it recognizes and shows respect to her as a person and as an actress.

Melendez also added that she hopes that the film will be successful.

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