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Actor Baron Geisler arrested anew

Photo by DZRH Val Gonzales
Photo by DZRH Val Gonzales

Actor Baron Geisler was arrested in the evening of October 17 for allegedly causing commotion inside a resto-bar in Quezon City.

This wasn’t the first time that Baron was arrested by the police since the actor was known for getting into brawls when intoxicated.

The management of the resto-bar in Tomas Morato previously banned Baron from entering the establishment but, during the said date, the actor and his friends were allowed entry.

According to the police, they were told by the management to keep an eye on Baron who was starting to get drunk and is causing unruly behavior, which caused fear to the other customers of the resto bar.

Baron allegedly pushed Superintendent Christian Dela Cruz, chief of the Kamuning Police Station, when the police attempted to stop the actor from drinking.

The actor also allegedly shouted at the staff of the resto-bar and the police.

Baron admitted that he did drink alcohol but denied the accusations of the police. The actor insisted that the CCTV footage of the incident will prove his innocence.

Baron further added that the Kamuning Police did not follow due process in detaining him.

According to the Kamuning Police Station, Baron will be facing unjust vexation and alarm & scandal charges.

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