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Abad isn’t “untouchable”

Presidential Spokesman Sec. Edwin Lacierda

Malacanang isn’t conducting its own investigation against Budget Secretary Florencio Abad after the latter’s name was dragged anew in the 10 Billion Pork Barrel Fund scam when witness Merlina Sunas mentioned that he used to transact with Janet Lim-Napoles when he was still Batanes’ Congressman.

According to Presidential Spokesman Secretary Edwin Lacierda, there are no affidavits or documents that will prove that Abad is involved in the PDAF scam therefore the Palace has no reason to investigate.

Lacierda also clarified that there is no double standard when it comes to personalities identified with the Palace when it comes to the said controversial scam, and it doesn’t mean that Abad is untouchable.

“There is none because there has—we are waiting for the extended affidavit.  There are allegations, as you know; but due process would require that we—the person accused is provided information of the accusation against you.  We have not seen any signed affidavit from Mrs. Napoles,” stated Lacierda.

Meanwhile, the Cabinet Secretary added that all Cabinet members are serving the government according to the discretion of the President and that his directive is that there should be strong evidence against any official that is being involved in a case before judging them.

The Palace assures the public that with its straight path campaign, they will not pardon anyone who will be found guilty of any crime but will defend any of its official who will be implicated without any basis.

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