600 gymnasts expected to join 2nd PGAA-STY – Gymnastics International Competition

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About 600 gymnasts from 20 different clubs all over the world are expected to join the 2nd Gymnastics International Competition of the Philippine Gymnastics and Athletics Academy.

The participating gymnasts will be coming from the Philippines, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia, India, and Sri Lanka.

The tournament in Muntinlupa Sports Complex, Muntinlupa City will open this October 12 and wil end on October 15.

During the 1st International Gymnastics Cup last 2016, the representatives of PGAA won the overall team championships after leading in the women’s artistic gymnastics and placing second in the men’s artistic gymnastics.

The PGAA has been known for developing under-privileged children, public school students, and out-of-school youth to become award-winning gymnasts.

The gymnasts produced by the PGAA have participated and won in local tournaments, like the Philippine Cup, and in international tournaments, including the Prime Gym International Invitational in Singapore.

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