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4Minute disbands; same-sex kiss scene in Les Mis musical in Singapore axed


The South Korean girl group 4 Minute is disbanding after seven years of being together.

According to Cube Entertainment, the girls, except Hyuna decided not to renew their contract as a girl group.  Based on the statement issued by the said company, Jihyun, Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna and Sohyun’s contracts are about to expire.  The agency tried to persuade them of signing another contract but because of conflicting opinions, the girls decided that the group will disband.

Though Hyuna has already renewed her contract, the other girls are still in talk if they want to renew their individual contracts with Cube.

Meanwhile, the Singapore organizers decided to remove a scene from the staging of Les Miserable musical in their country.

The scene wherein two male actors kiss each other, have received numerous complaints from the conservative public because homosexual activity in the said country is still consider as taboo.

According to the Media Development Authority, the said musical violated its general rating.

Also, the said scene should be included in the advisory so that kids will be prohibited from watching the said musical.

The organizers insisted though that the scene only aims to poke fun at a situation, and does not intend to be prude.

In Singapore, men may be facing jail time of up to two years if found guilty of having same-sex intercourse.

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