2 potential leads in the missing of Cam Norte Governor’s wife


Authorities are now scrambling to look into two potential leads in the disappearance of the wife of Camarines Norte Governor Edgardo Tallado.

It could either be personal vendetta or straight forward-kidnapping.

However, authorities are still uncertain on what really happened to Mrs. Josie Tallado who suddenly disappeared including her aide, Darlene Francisco.

Mrs. Tallado asked to be dropped off at the house of the Vinzons while her aide went out to have some snacks.

But the aide didn’t make it to her home and her vehicle was found at the side of a street in Lupi.

The two’s disappearance remain to puzzle the police.

Also, there are rumors that Mrs. Tallado left their house but still, no reason could be supplied for the said accusation.

It it’s kidnapping, the kidnappers should have contacted them by now.

The military have joined in looking for the Governor’s wife and her aide.

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