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13th Cinemalaya Film Festival: “See the Big Picture,”

Photo by DZRH
Director Mikhail Red delivers his speech for the premier of “Birdshot” at the annual Cinemalaya Film Festival at the Cultural Center of the Philippine, August 4 2017.

The 13th Cinemalaya Film Festival has opened its velvet curtains to the Filipino audience at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) yesterday, August 4. 

The Independent Film Festival, which started in 2005 has long been pursuing its goal to discover, encourage, and support the cinematic works of Filipino film enthusiast. 

The annual film fest, has catered to the birth and growth of quality Filipino films – works that boldly articulate and freely interpret the Filipino experience with fresh insight and artistic integrity.

Cinemalaya President Laurice Guillen, delivered her opening speech yesterday asking what is the true essence of ‘Cinemalaya’ – in which she simply answered “I don’t know.”

Ms. Guillen who is repeatedly asked “What is a Cinemalaya film?” or “What do people expect from a Cinemalaya film?” has finally given her answer. 

In her speech she shares “I do not expect, frankly I have learned not to expect” for with every year that passes by brings about a new set of ‘slightly different harvest’.

She elaborates that film is an every evolving art which provides new perspective to the human condition; films that tell stories from a place of truth; filmmakers who take creative risk to continuously break the frontiers of form; and finally ending her note that ‘there is an audience for every film.’

The internationally recognized director Mikhail Red, has premiered his coming-of-age thriller “Birdshot” for the opening of the 13th Cinemalaya Film Festival.

“Birdshot” which tells the story of a young farm girl who unintentional kills a  critically-endangered Philippine Eagle. As the story progress elements of hypocrisy, human value, and integrity is prevalent. 

Red along with his team, shared the endeavors of their post-production sharing how they flew around the Philippines for 23 days, from the south of Davao to film the eagles, all the way up north to the cornfields of Isabella.

The internationally acclaimed director ended his speech with a ‘Thank you’ to the Filipino audience, who give due patronage to independent Filipino films.

“I’d like to thank the Filipino audience, without you there wouldn’t be a Cinemalaya Film Festival. I really hope that tonight you are engaged and entertained, and I hope you survive Birdshot.”

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