10 plastics of suspected shabu, unearthed inside a repair shop in Quezon City

A sachet of shabu (FILE PHOTO)

10 plastics containing about 5.5 kilograms of suspected crystalized methamphetamine, locally known as shabu, was un-earthed from under a repair shop in North Fairview, Quezon City.

According to National Capital Region Police Office Chief PDir. Guillermo Eleazar, the suspected substance, estimated to be worth Php3.4 million, will still need to undergo laboratory testing.

Based on the statement of the repair shop’s employees, they were excavating the area to creat a drainage when they discovered the 10 plastics of illegal drugs.

Authorities suspect that the plastics have been buried in the area for a long time since many tenants and businesses have rented the space.

Eleazar said that they will look into the previous owners so that they can trace the suspects who buried the illegal substance.


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