Young couple throws away unwanted baby

Babies are precious gift and should be took care and raised well. (Screen grabbed from internet)
 (Screen grabbed from internet)

A couple, both still in school, have been charged of Infanticide for allegedly throwing away their unwanted baby at a banana plantation in Negros Occidental.

According to Supt. German Garbosa, Kabankalan Police Chief, the landlady of the young couple said that they are third year Information Technology students.  It was also the landlady who informed the police of what the two did to their child.

Garbosa with his team immediately went to the said area where they allegedly threw the baby.  The infant was still alive when the team of Garbosa took it to their care.  However, the baby died while being treated at the Kabankalan District Hospital.

During the interrogation of the police, the 19-year old male suspect admitted that they put the baby in a bag and dispatched of it because they didn’t want the parents of his 20 year-old girlfriend find out about it.

The landlady also narrated that the couple kept their pregnancy a secret and even gave birth inside their rented room.

The couple are now detained at the Kabankalan City Social Welfare and Development Office and will be facing charges for throwing their baby. (Rex Cantong, Larmaine De Jesus)

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