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YG introduces new girl group ‘Black Pink’; fans feel betrayed with CN Blue Yong Hwa controversy

black pink

YG Entertainment through its official website announced its new girl group, ‘Black Pink.’

YG, one of the biggest entertainment companies in South Korea continuously produce boy groups such as IKON, WINNER, BIGBANG and Epic High.  However, it hasn’t produced any girl group since the phenomenal 2NE1.

The meaning behind the name ‘Black Pink’ is to show that the girls are not just all about pretty faces but with talents and skills to showcase.

The members of ‘Black Pink’ consist of Rose, Jisoo, Lisa, and Jennie.

Nineteen year old Rose came from Australia and passed the YG audition in 2014.  Since then she remained a trainee until she was picked to join ‘Black Pink.’

Jisoo is 21 years old and she has various talents like singing, dancing and acting. She was in the music video ‘I’m different’ of Epic High’s 8th album ‘Spoiler + happenending.’ She also made a cameo in the highly popular K-drama “Producers.”

Lisa is 19 years old and she has trained for five years. She speaks fluently in Thai, Korean, English, and Japanese. She was a member of a dance crew before joining YG.  One of her uploaded videos in 2012 went viral in social media.

The last of the four girls, Jennie is 20 years old and guested in G-Dragon’s 2nd album released in 2013.

Netizens are expecting a lot from this rookie group especially when YG’s main producer Teddy said that he will be producing songs for them.

‘Black Pink’ is currently shooting three music videos and four well-known international choreographers are helping them with their dance routine for their debut on late July.

In other news, Jung Yong Hwa, the leader of K-pop boy band CNBLUE and his fellow member Lee Jong Hyun were under investigation for allegedly being involved in illegal trading last year.

Based on South Korean entertainment press reports, the financial sector of Seoul’s District Public Prosecutor’s Office has called on the two bandmates to shed light regarding the said accusation.

YongHwa and Jong Hyun are being accused of manipulating the stock market.  The case stemmed after the two bought stocks from their company, FNC Entertainment after a well known South Korean male personality signed with their agency.

However, based on the result of the investigation, Yong Hwa is proven innocent after the singer said that he did not know that he was entering into illegal trading.

Meanwhile, Jong Hyun was slapped with a KR20million won.

It was revealed that Yong Hwa’s mother had already bought 21,000 stocks of FNC Entertainment which was worth 400 million Won even before the discussion of Yoo Jae Suk, Korea’s well-known MC signing the contract for FNC Entertainment.

They sold the stocks for 600 million Won after the official news of the recruitment of Yoo Jae Suk which caused the gradual rise of the stocks, earning them a profit of 200 million Won.

Meanwhile, Jong Hyun bought the stocks after hearing the news of the recruitment but before the news was officially reported. He was holding the stock when he realized that what he has done was illegal.

(with Kim Han Sol)

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