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Winning works of the 2017 Aliwan Festival Photo Competition colors SM Cinema lobby


The 2017 Aliwan Festival colors the cinema lobby of SM Manila as the chosen top 10 winners of the photo competition had their works displayed.

The winning works of the 2017 Aliwan Fiesta Photo Competition include:

  • Sayaw Antipolo by Conrad Panelo
  • Kulay ng Sayaw by Edwin Forsuelo
  • Shout of Joy by Espiridion Enriquez
  • Youth’s Happiness Unmasked by Froilan Robas
  • Street Dance Parade by Ricardo Garcia Jr.
  • Beautiful Burst by Roberto Reyes
  • Dinagyang Warrior by Heigen Villacarlos
  • Gangsa aby Jerome Ventigan
  • Talon, Sayaw by Emerick Mangune
  • Leap in the Air by Maria Cristefa


Also shown in the photo exhibit are semifinalists of the 2017 Aliwan Fiesta Photo Competition, and photos of the 2017 Reyna ng Aliwan candidates that were taken by renowned photographer Eddie Boy Escudero.


The photo exhibit opened on June 9 and will remain available for public viewing until June 13.

Other than the winners of the 2017 Aliwan Fiesta Photo Competition, Reyna ng Aliwan 1st Runner-up Apriel Smith and 2nd Runner-up Ahtisa Manalo, along with Manila Broadcasting Company’s President Ruperto Nicdao Jr., and Assistant Vice-President for Promotions Santi Elizalde also graced the event with their presence.

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