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What ‘Pan De Salawal’ teaches on real love that hurts

(Photo courtesy: Cinemalaya)

Che Espiritu’s Pan De Salawal (The Sweet Taste of Salted Bread and Undies) is the kind of film that will leave you laughing and hurting at the same time. Starting from the humorous sequencing of events to the unveiling of the 10-year-old street kid whose name will continuously linger on you.

Aguy, a wandering little girl meets the typical old and lonely ‘panadero’ named Salvador or Sal for short. Through her gift of healing, Aguy arrived in the ill-stricken neighborhood wherein she violently hurts the sick to heal them, later on, the neighborhood begins to experience life again. While Aguy is able to heal the neighborhood, for some reason, she cannot heal Sal who happens to have chronic kidney stones.

The film gives you a glimpse of a father-daughter relationship with a taste of unconditional love that Sal keeps on giving to the wrong people. The ‘feel-good’ movie is the debut project of the director herself, Che Espiritu, who developed a penchant for children’s story with a touch of magic realism.

A perfect match of Bodjie Pascua’s outstanding acting and the child star, Miel Espinosa adds up to the deeper message of the film itself.

Their tandem leaves the audience in awe and satisfied by its conclusion.

The 14th Cinemalaya is set to run from August 3 to 12 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines and select Ayala Cinemas.

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