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Ties between Russia and Philippines tighten with new agreement


Philippines and Russia have strengthened their relationship with one another. This is revealed by the Department of Foreign Affairs.

In a released statement, Carlos Sorreta, Philippine Ambassador to Russia, revealed that the Embassy and the Consular Service of Russia, headed by Director Evgeny Ivanov, have signed a People to People Exchanges Agreement between the two countries.

This agreement seeks to protect the interest of 10,000 Filipinos who travel and work in Russia. This contract also protects the 40,000 Russians who visit the Philippines.

The signed agreement also strengthens the trade and investment, tourism, education and cultural exchanges between the two countries.

Last year, President Rodrigo Duterte has given his whole support in strengthening the diplomatic ties between Philippines and Russia. Russia has also expressed interest in providing weapons and other military equipment for the Philippines.

To showcase these strengthened ties, Russian warships have landed in the Manila Bay last year, which the President personally visited.

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