SWS survey reveals: Career triumphs over love life

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Almost three out of five, or some 59 percent, of adult Filipinos, have chosen career over love life, said the latest survey by the Social Weather Station.

According to the SWS survey conducted last December, a mere 41 percent chose to prioritize their love life, when asked to choose between love or career.

The survey question wrote: “In case you have to choose between your love life and career, which of these two would you choose?” 

The survey also found that 57 percent describe their love life as very happy, 29  percent said it could be happier, and 14 said they do not have a love life.

Meanwhile, a total of 84 percent said that it is possible to succeed in love life and career at the same time.

In a follow-up question, respondents were asked if they experienced having a successful love life and career at the same time where a majority 66 percent said that they already had.

About four out of five, or 81 percent, among the respondents who had no love life would choose career over love life, compared to the 57 percent among those who wish to have a happier love life, and 54 percent among those with very happy love life who would choose the same.

The survey also revealed that single men ages 18-34 said that they are happier with love life than single women of same age group.

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