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Supreme Court affirms “guilty” verdict vs Carlos Celdran

The Supreme Court affirmed the guilty verdict against performance artist Carlos Celdran in relation to the Damaso protest he staged in 2010 inside the Manila Cathedral.

According to the highest court’s decision, with the Metropolitan Trial Court, Regional Trial Court and Court of Appeals having similar findings on Celdran’s case, the Supreme Court insisted that “only questions of law may be raised.”

It added that whether or not Celdran offended religious feelings is a question of fact and will not be addressed by the highest court.

Celdran’s case stemmed from his 2010 stint, dressed like national hero Jose Rizal, trooped inside the Manila Cathedral in the middle of a service in the presence of then Papa Nuncio Gaudencio Rosales and several bishops and arch-bishops; carrying a placard, condemning the Catholic church’s stand on the Reproductive Health bill.

Celdran has been charged with violating Article no. 133 of the Revise Penal Code (offending religious feelings).

In 2015, Celdran filed a motion to dismiss the CA’s decision, dismissing his appeal to reverse the local court’s guilty verdict on his case.

On Monday, August 6, Celdran on his social media account confirmed of the Supreme Court’s decision, even posting a screen cap of the said decision.

In line with this, Celdran may be facing three months minimum to a year and a month and a day maximum jail time.

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