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Sue Ramirez gets emotional on how Filipino moviegoers prefer films with famous actors

Sue Ramirez cries “unfair” over the young Filipino moviegoers preferences when it comes to supporting local films. (Photo courtesy: Sue Ramirez Instagram)

Actress Sue Ramirez revealed that she became emotional after learning how some young Filipino moviegoers nowadays preferred patronizing films with popular actors, saying it is “unfair.”

In a television interview on Sunday, Sue said it hurts that some actors, who are not well-established yet, are not given the chance to showcase the craft they worked hard on. 

“Medyo emotional ako doon sa fact na ang tinitignan pala ng mga kabataan ngayon ay kung gaano kasikat ang artista na bumibida sa isang pelikula,” she said. 

“Masakit siya for us kasi not everyone is as big as everyone. I just feel like they’re not giving other people the chances that they deserve, for the beautiful stories that they make, for the hardwork that they put into these movies that we lost sleep, blood and sweat in, and tears,” Ramirez noted.  

The 23-year-old actress also emphasized that it is unfair how more people would just look at which actors star in a movie rather than what the film can offer. 

“I think it is unfair for me na majority of the people in this country actually look at who is on the screen rather than what and what you can get from the movie that you’re going to watch, so it hurts. Mahirap tanggapin for us,” she said. 

Ramirez’ film “Cuddle Weather” is included in this year’s line up of Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino (PPP) that will be held this coming Friday, September 13 until Thursday, September 19.


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