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SSS chairman assures pensioners of increase

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The Social Security System (SSS) assured that it will grant the increase requested by pensioners, but may be divided into four years.

SSS Chairman Amado Valdez said that in implementing the proposed Php2, 000 pension hike, it is possible to be given it in four years, where there would be only Php500 per year.

Valdez added, it might be given also in the first two years for those who badly need it like the oldest and disables pensioners, followed by the next year based on age.

Amado’s suggestion is only one of the six options eyed by the SSS in order to grant the pension hike without any bankrupcy in the part of the agency.

The SSS chairman said it is impossible this year for the pension hike and there is no advice for the contribution’s hike.

According to Valdez, the SSS will not also allow to give burden to their beneficiaries just for the increase.





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