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No space for Jinggoy at BJMP

Senator Jinggoy Estrada

The Bureau of Jail Management and Penelogy expressed that they will not be able to accommodate Senator Jinggoy Estrada if and when he’ll be transferred in their facility from the Philippine National Police Custodial Center.

This was revealed during the Senator’s hearing at the Sandiganbayan in response to the prosecution’s motion to transfer the Senator to a regular jail.

Sr. Supt. Romeo Salazar, Regional Director of BJMP-NCR, explained that the BJMP facility at Camp Bagong Diwa is already congested.

Camp Bagong Diwa is an extension of the City jail in Metro Manila.

Salazar mentioned that the Quezon City Jail Annex should only hold 138 inmates but is currently detaining 151 inmates; while the Manila City Jail Annex, a supposed 174 inmates’ capacity now holds 336.

In Taguig City, there are 757 inmates inside a 160-inmates’ capacity and the female dormitory has 143 occupants from its supposed 32 inmates.

The Justices of the 5th Division Anti-Graft court were surprised when Salazar said that the Quezon City Jail is only for 174 prisoners but is accommodating more than three thousand inmates.    (with DZRH Leth Narciso-Abinales)

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