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Solano pressured to change testimony by frat brothers


(screencap from Senate hearing)
(screencap from Senate hearing)

One of the suspects in the hazing, death of Horacio Castillo III, John Paul Solano has confessed that his previous statement on what really happened to the victim was scripted.

Solano earlier told the police that he found Castillo who was severely battered, on a street in Tondo, Manila and quickly brought him to the Chinese General Hospital.

His new testimony, however, claims that a fraternity brother phoned him on the morning of September 17 while he was at his home in Caloocan City because “someone collapsed” and needed his medical assistance.

Solano did not proceed right away, but another phone call prompted him to do so.

Upon arrival, Solano saw Castillo on the floor not breathing, he quickly administered cardiopulmonary resuscitation but failed to resuscitate the victim.

Solano added that he was talked into changing his testimony by the members of the Aegis Juris fraternity. He added that he was “very rattled” at the time of the incident.

“They told me to tell that story. I was very rattled that time. I’m very confused on what to do. So I just followed” Solano said.

According to Solano, he is no longer an active member of the fraternity and neither is he enrolled at the University of Santo Tomas as of the moment.

Solano made the claim during a Senate public order committee hearing on Monday, September 25.




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