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Singson remains confident: SEAR Telecom will be the country’s 3rd telco player

Former Ilocos Sur Gov. Chavit Singson remains confident that his company will still make it as the third telco player, going against the two giants’ Globe Telecom and PLDT-Smart.

Singson boasts of the satellite that the SEAR Telecom will be using, claiming that this is more economical because of its fast and cheap charge to mobile services.

If other companies ask for Php100; SEAR Telecom will only be charging Php5 because their priority is providing public service instead of personal gain.

On Wednesday, the National Telecommunications Company issued a provisional authority to Mislatel Consortium, a joint venture of Udenna Corporation owned by Dennis Uy, and China Telecoms, become the third telco in the Philippines

The NTC disqualified Tier One-LCS Consortium of Singson during the bidding process because of their alleged failure to submit complete requirements.

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However, in an interview with DZRH, Singson said that Davao city tycoon Dennis Uy’s group has more liability than their group.

Singson claims that the bank was just late in issuing their letter of credit worth Php700 million.  They were disqualified because they failed to meet the required Php700 million by the NTC.

Singson added that Uy’s company on the other hand is using a franchise owned by someone else.

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