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Singson, daughter slammed by wildlife protection group for ‘hunting trip’

Photo from Richelle Louisse Singson-Michael’s Instagram account

A wildlife protection group slammed former Ilocos Sur Gov. Luis Chavit Singson and daughter Richelle Louisse Singson-Michael after pictures of them with dead “Philippine wild ducks” spread online.

The “hunting” of wild ducks were said to be last month.

The Wild Bird Club of the Philippines (WBCP) blasted Singson for hunting and killing the species, which the group believed to be endangered.

In the collaged photo posted on Michael’s Instagram account, Singson and Michael are holding dead ducks. The pictures were since deleted.

In the Instagram post, the caption states: “#hunting #fatherdaughter #bonding #whatsfordinner #wildduck #adobo.”

The photographs were posted on the WBCP’s Facebook account.

In a Facebook post, the WBCP said: All four photographs were posted on the Facebook account of the WBCP, which ran the following comment:

“While the club desperately promotes bird-watching to raise the need for environmental conservation, some of our countrymen spend family-bonding time killing birds. Hunting, poaching and even mere possession of wildlife are illegal in the Philippines. In the daang matuwid administration, why are some people—I was told he is a governor—still above the law?”

The RA 9147 or Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act cite hunting of endangered species among the conservation law’s illegal acts. The law sanctions people who harm or kill critically endangered species with a two-year jail term and fine amounting to P300,000.

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